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FDA endorsed acupuncture

May 2017, the FDA endorsed acupuncture.

Partially in response to the opioid epidemic, the FDA supports non-pharmacological ways for doctors to treat pain, and not everyone is cheering about it.

FDA endorsed acupuncture

To be objective, the FDA isn’t exactly known for their transparency and accuracy, but considering the opioid epidemic, it’s a another spotlight needed on the benefits and applications of alternative medicine.

The skeptics and critics were less than thrilled about the FDA’s position, particularly those in the western medical community who stand to lose profit margins from it. To be fair, not everyone in the medical community has snubbed their noses at acupuncture; there are special programs for MD’s to obtain a certificate in acupuncture, like this one a Tri-State college in NY. For just 300 hrs (compared to 4500 in NYS ), YOU TOO can be an acupuncturist. I guess it’s all a placebo effect, until you find out how to get paid from it.

In addition to educational institutions, these prominent hospitals have started integrating alternative medicine for their patients treatment, from acupuncture to herbal formulas.

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