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New Patient Information

What a new patient should know before their first visit:

Download and complete new patient intake form, and bring them with you to your first session. If you cannot download and complete the paperwork, please arrive 20 minutes early to complete your paperwork in the office in order to start your treatment on time.
Once your paperwork is complete, we will review it, chat briefly, and move directly on to the treatment.

  • Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time to pay and visit the bathroom if necessary so that you are ready for your treatment at your appointment time.
  • Try not to not to have a full meal or an empty stomach.
  • Please silence your phone, but you may listen to music on your device (with headphones) during your treatment.
  • We recommend not consuming caffeine before your treatment.
Read about patient’s rights under our Notice of Privacy Policy.
Please allow for at least 24 hours, for your benefits to be verified with your health insurance provider.